DIY piezo preamp with hi-pass filter

In my¬†post about cymbals reverb with the help of piezo mics, I explained the technique of using a piezo transducer (also called contact mic) in order to get beautiful, musical stereo reverbs from drum cymbals. I showed the DIY ilski PB-1 (“PiezoBanana-1”) preamp, which I will explain thoroughly in this post.
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DIY Cymbal Reverb with Piezos

Lately I’ve been craving for more natural or real-world production methods in my music. What I mean by that is something like physical production. Plate or spring reverbs are one example: letting phenomena of the physical world influence recordings and tracks.

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the recording of “drumtape b”

Since a few months ago I enjoy recording instruments directly to tape. Especially drums. I mix them down with a simple mixer and then go back and forth between playing and listening until I like the settings and then record a “tape” of about 20-30 minutes.

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