Video: DIY parallel high-shelf EQ/filter prototype

This is a demonstration of a parallel high-shelf eq/filter that I designed after finding out about the Kush Audio Clariphonic. I’m going to make an API500 module from that and insert it on my main/center microphone. Check out the video, but stay tuned for schematics on this blog later on.

Link to the music used in the demo.


DIY Cymbal Plate Reverb Video

In the video below I present the cymbal plate reverb I explained in a previous post and show/explain the DIY piezo preamp a little (schematics here). Enjoy and leave your comments here or right on the video.

DIY piezo preamp with hi-pass filter

In my post about cymbals reverb with the help of piezo mics, I explained the technique of using a piezo transducer (also called contact mic) in order to get beautiful, musical stereo reverbs from drum cymbals. I showed the DIY ilski PB-1 (“PiezoBanana-1”) preamp, which I will explain thoroughly in this post.
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DIY Cymbal Reverb with Piezos

Lately I’ve been craving for more natural or real-world production methods in my music. What I mean by that is something like physical production. Plate or spring reverbs are one example: letting phenomena of the physical world influence recordings and tracks.

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the recording of “drumtape b”

Since a few months ago I enjoy recording instruments directly to tape. Especially drums. I mix them down with a simple mixer and then go back and forth between playing and listening until I like the settings and then record a “tape” of about 20-30 minutes.

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