Video: DIY parallel high-shelf EQ/filter prototype

This is a demonstration of a parallel high-shelf eq/filter that I designed after finding out about the Kush Audio Clariphonic. I’m going to make an API500 module from that and insert it on my main/center microphone. Check out the video, but stay tuned for schematics on this blog later on.

Link to the music used in the demo.



  1. How is it going with your project? I bought a API500 from Kush and i love it but i don’t like the price! 🙂 Do you have a solution? 🙂


    • Hey Frank, I am quite happy with my filter but there’s some weird things going on like buzz/hum, so if you don’t have time to debug and want to concentrate on mixing/tracking, I’d recommend going with the official package 🙂


  2. You never ended up sharing the schematics. I was hoping you could share them with the rest us.


    • Hey Alex, sorry, I’ve had some troubles with the circuit, the finished build has some weird buzz/hum if I attach it firmly to the rack case, so I have to leave some screws loose. Since I don’t have time to fix/debug, I am still refraining from posting schematics. In the end it’s a very simple matter of mixing together passive shelf filters, there’s not much else to it.


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